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The Future of Sportswear Manufacturing with AI and Sustainability at Sportswear Pro 2024 Conference

The Future of Sportswear Manufacturing with AI and Sustainability at Sportswear Pro 2024 Conference

We speak to 4 experts who will be speaking during the upcoming Sportswear Pro 2024 conference. Their sessions will offer insight into AI and how it will shape the future of sportswear manufacturing, sustainability within sportswear and how to design sportswear for a circular economy.

Sportswear Pro 2024, FESPA’s brand new exhibition will showcase the latest innovations in sportswear for both on-demand and customised sportswear production. The exhibition and conference will present sustainable, faster, and leaner production solutions to sports and activewear brands and manufacturers. The 1-day conference occur on 21st March 2024 and will offer valuable insights into the latest technologies, sustainable manufacturing processes, fabric innovations and thought-inspiring case studies.  Visitors to the conference will be able to engage in interesting discussions that focus on topics such as AI, current sportswear trends in the European market, sustainability in sportswear and increasing the efficiency of supply chains in the future.

In this blog, we speak to 4 speakers who will be featured in the conference about their experience, their businesses, the topics they will be discussing during the conference and their thoughts on this new and inspiring exhibition.

AI – Shaping the Future of Sportswear Manufacturing

Thomas Rothery, Director of Copper Global

Thomas Rothery is the Director of Fashion-Tech consultancy Copper Global who helps fashion businesses with their digital transformation journey. The business is currently working with and in partnership with JRC London and Nottingham Trent University where Thomas is guiding a team of cross-functional specialists to develop a 3D design configurator which will subtract weeks from product development lead times. 

He has worked with brands such as FILA where he previously led digital fashion and web3 adoption as Senior Menswear Designer and has 15 years’ experience in this field, with a key focus on sportswear and sports-influenced casualwear. Thomas is guiding fashion brands and video game developers to create collaborations that are much more than just merchandise. 

During the 1-day conference Thomas will be joining the panel focused on ‘AI – Shaping the Future of Sportswear Manufacturing’ where all speakers will be offering their individual perspectives. Thomas will be advising designers and design managers who are interested in integrating AI into their teams. Furthermore, he will also be sharing his passion for the potential of generative manufacturing.

Thomas comments: “AI is an important technology for every industry. We need to ensure that the sportswear industry decision-makers are aware of both its potential and the responsibility we have. For me, leading digital training at Fila, combined with the broader exposure to business and tech as a consultant, I believe I can offer unique insight to attendees to the Sportswear Pro 2024 conference. I am an advocate and educator at heart, and it brings me great delight to be able to share this with others in our industry.”

Sustainability in Sportswear

Soudi Masouleh, Co-Founder and Design Director at NuMoon Design Agency

Soudi Masouleh is a design leader with an extensive global work specialism in women’s performance sportswear for international brands and retailers in both Europe and the US. She is an expert in creating and overseeing apparel collections from cutting and sewing, knitting, and weaving. Soudi is the Co-Founder and Design Director at Numoon Design Agency, a fully circular innovation agency focused on sportswear apparel and workwear. They are committed to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy, and strongly believe in "less is more." The agency encourages their customers to make a positive impact on the planet.

Soudi will be speaking about ‘Sustainability in Sportswear’ and will discuss the exploration of the dynamic and continuously evolving world of sportswear design. He will discuss 3 key pillars that define the landscape of sportswear design. This includes material selection, manufacturing innovations and scalable sustainable practices.

Soudi comments: “Participating in this discussion is crucial to highlight the urgency for brands to speed up and transform their businesses before facing dire consequences. With the upcoming legislation set to take effect by 2026, time is of the essence. I foresee that many renowned brands may face significant challenges and, in some cases, even risk extinction due to the implications of these new laws. The imperative is clear: adapt swiftly or risk the potential repercussions that await in the rapidly changing regulatory landscape.”

Designing for a Circular Economy

Luna Aslan Co-Founder and Project Manager at NOOSA

Luna Aslan is the Co-Founder and Project Manager at NOOSA who is a material science company. NOOSA produces a bio-based textile fibre which has been developed using their technology and is 100% recyclable, they offer the opportunity to bring circularity to the textile industry. This polyester alternative offers increased breathability, low odour retention, good elongation which makes it ideal for sportswear applications and requirements.

At the Sportswear Pro 2024 conference Luna will be joining a panel discussion focused on ‘Designing for Circular Economy’ where she will share the benefits of NOOSA fibres which can be recycled without damaging other textile fibres blended within the textiles.

Luna comments: “We want to move from petro-chemical industry and not many solutions are readily available. During the conference, I want to present and show how NOOSA is a reliable solution to fight plastic in sportswear applications, while bringing performance and durability to end products. We need to educate the textile supply chain about bio synthetics to democratise their use.”

oanna Czutkowna, Consultant, Doctoral Researcher and CEO at 5THREAD

Joanna is a consultant and doctoral researcher who specialises in circularity within sports apparel. She has over 20 years of experience in product innovation and global supply chains.  Joanna is also the CEO at 5Thread, a consultancy specialising in sports, apparel, and education. Their clients include global brands, sports governing bodies, independent education providers and innovation and research led brands. Their services include product innovation and development, sustainability reporting, future proofing business strategy for upcoming legislation and reporting, supplier relationship management, research, and subject matter expertise. 

During the conference Joanna will be joining Luna and other speakers to discuss ‘Designing for a Circular Economy’. During this session, she will discuss the importance of considering the whole life cycle of the product and how the industry needs to design for product life extension to maximize the potential of products and enable circular economy business models such as repair and resale.  

She will also be moderating a session on legislation with FESI. The EU has set out its position on Fashion and Textiles in the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. This session will offer guidance on how to future proof your business strategy and prepare for upcoming legal changes.  

Joanna says: “The sportswear sector is undergoing significant changes accelerated by digital innovation, customer demand, sustainability concerns and legislation. I feel with my academic research and commercial consultancy my participation in Sportswear Pro 2024 will be valuable in supporting brands and manufacturers prepare themselves for the future.”

Register here and use code SWPJ407 to attend the Sportswear Pro 2024 conference where you will hear from industry expert speakers, discover the latest innovations in sportswear and gain global market insight. Discover the full conference agenda here and check out the other speakers that will lead in the sessions as the conference.

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