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  1. 21 March 2024

    Welcome address by Michael Ryan, Head of Global Business Development, FESPA

  2. 21 March 2024

    Sportswear Trends Unveiled, A Deep dive into the European Market

    Moderated by:
    Lucy Maguire, Senior Trends Editor, Vogue Business

    • Sport and society. The growing market for performance apparel
    • Streetwear influence Athleisure and outdoor sportswear
    • Automation and robotics
    • On-demand and customization
  3. 21 March 2024

    Innovations in Materials and Fabrics for Sportswear

    Moderated by Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Founder, Circuthon

    • Advanced sustainable materials
    • Compression fabric/Neoprene fabrics
    • Smart textiles
  4. 21 March 2024

    Moderated by:
    Nicole Espey, Stakeholder Manager, ITA and work for the Biotexfuture Project

  5. 21 March 2024

    Panel Session - Sustainability in Sportswear. A closer look beneath the surface. What does it really mean and how do we achieve it?

    Members include:
    Kevin Van Lancker , Sportswear of Tomorrow
    Soudi Masouleh, Sportswear Design Specialist 
    Samantha Taylor, The Good Factory

    • Material selection and understanding the impact
    • Manufacturing innovation including on-demand production
    • Exploring scalable sustainable practice


    21 March 2024
  7. 21 March 2024

    Circular Economy Redefined - Designing for Circularity

    Keynote Speaker: 
    Ana Kristiansson, Founder and Creative Director, Desinder

  8. 21 March 2024

    Panel Session - Designing for the Circular Economy

    Members Include:        
    Anne Prahl, Design and Innovation Consultant
    Luna Aslan, Project Manager, Noosa

    ·         Coloration circulation
    ·         Exploring circular design principles and how to minimise waste
    ·         How to improve collaboration/coordination between your suppliers and partners
    ·         Product life extension

  9. LUNCH
    21 March 2024
  10. 21 March 2021

    Panel Session - Near shoring. Supply Chain Resilience. Improving Agility in Manufacturing       

    Moderated by: 
    Samantha Taylor, The Good Factory

    ·         Nearshoring and regionalization. Strategies for sportswear manufacturing
    ·         Digitalisation and automation
    ·         Collaboration



  11. 21 March 2024

    Panel Session - The Power and Potential of Customisation and Personalisation

    Moderated by:
    Richard Askam with James Lawrence-Jones, Consultant

    • Creating unique customer centric experiences
    • Innovations in fit and function
    • Data and privacy. Ethical consideration
  12. 21 March 2024

    Fireside Chat - AI. Shaping the Future of Sportswear Manufacturing

    Moderated by:
    Shruti Grover, Co-founder, Pattern Project

    • Success stories/brands that are using AI
    • Design & efficiency
    • Associated risks
    • AI and helping understand your customer better
    21 March 2024
  14. 21 March 2024

    Presentation - Let’s Talk Legal. What you need to know now and, in the future.

    • EU Regulations and sustainability
    • Labour standards and ethical manufacturing Safety and quality standards


  15. 21 March 2024
  16. 21 March 2024

    Networking and Exhibition Tour