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The sportswear industry is going from strength to strength and is as eager to meet at the highly anticipated launch of Sportswear Pro 2024. Attendees at FESPA events have expressed their serious intent to buy, network and discover new opportunities in face-to-face settings.


Who can you expect to meet? 

  • FESPA are well known for gaining high-quality, senior decision makers to their trade fairs and events. 
  • At FESPA 2023 half the visiting audience planned to purchase within 12 months of the exhibition.
  • At FESPA 2023 the collective median budget of attendees was over €2 billion, which has nearly doubled since the same event in 2022.

Why should you exhibit at Sportswear Pro 2024?


Sportswear is fashion with a function. Each garment produced has a purpose and is unique for each sport, activity or discipline. Every competitive advantage is the difference between victory and defeat and in manufacturing supply chains, brands must evolve. New digital production processes must be adopted by sportswear manufacturers to meet the challenges ahead and technologies now exist connecting the complete manufacturing process and product development from design to finished garment. Exhibitors at Sportswear Pro can take the opportunity to showcase their integrated on-demand solutions live.


Sportswear is designed and manufactured for purpose and performance. Materials are selected on their comfort and fit to the sport or activity, ranging from high performance, wicking and UV protection to protection and movement. Materials are also essential to the sustainability and circular economy principles of sportswear. Sportswear Pro will showcase a selection of the latest innovations in natural, synthetic and recycled performance materials. 


Who is expected to attend? 


visitors expected to attend 


countries expected to attend 


industry leading Brands 

Sportswear is growing rapidly!

The sportswear market has grown tremendously in recent years with a total market value in 2022 of 185.9 billion dollars. By 2032, it is expected to grow to 356 billion dollars, according to Launchmetrics*. The reason for this growth is due to various factors. One of them is the increased health awareness of people following the pandemic and the resulting higher willingness to spend money on it. In addition, athleisure has established itself as a dominant fashion trend and has finally ensured that sportswear has been converted into everyday clothing. Ultimately, it is also qualities like functionality and comfort that have convinced people to want to wear sportswear everywhere.

*Sportswear Insights by Launchmetrics


The use of chipboard/OSB etc, in your stand construction is prohibited at FESPA Global Print Expo, European Sign Expo, Sportwear Pro and Personalisation Experience 2024

We believe that by moving away from the use of disposable exhibition stands we will improve the ease, quality, safety, and sustainability of the exhibitor experience at FESPA. Disposable stands are single-use and create considerable environmental and health and safety issues onsite.

Chipboard, particleboard, and low-density fibreboard (LDF) are not suitable for construction and are now prohibited at FESPA.

This action will improve Safety and Sustainability as stands constructed this way cannot be reused at future events.

  • Will speed up the stand build processes meaning that late working is reduced.
  • Will create a smoother build up and breakdown process.
  • Will reduce waste.
  • Will reduce stress and improve the safety of builds.
  • Will stop stands officially declared as unsafe to open.
  • Promote brands in a positive light by highlighting sustainable qualities.
  • Reduce the cost of design and construction.

Exhibitors should consult with their contractors when agreeing the design and build of their stand to ensure they comply with the regulations.

Let us work together to ensure safer, smoother builds and contribute to FESPA’s target to build more safely and sustainably, reducing the amount of waste.

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