Panel: Sustainability

25 Mar 2020

Where are the fibers, fabrics and inks coming from? Is it really clean and why are we making sustainable fabrics? Sportwear has the same sustainability ambitions as any other market but what is so special? Many questions but we will give the answers in the panel with top speakers. Sportswear fashion is directly on the skin and humidity is a big factor, so complications are there. Can we still make it happen, listen to the stories of Ashara, Berger Sensient how they are helping to get us a better world?

Moderator: Mike Horsten, Managing Director, Zemt Consultancy

Panelists; Sara Allwood, Ashara Lifestyle (UK), Axel, Berger textiles, Edri Baggi, Sensient

Mike Horsten, Manning Director - ZEMT Consultancy
Sara Allwood - Ashara Lifestyle
Axel Stuhlreite - Berger Textiles
Edri Baggi - Sensient