Panel: Digital Innovation

26 Mar 2020

Innovation is always a bit part of our industry, but can we help making things easier?, can we save water?, energy and still make beautiful garments? Listen how HP, Mimaki, Roland and ErgoSoft all have made their contributions in the last year to the printing and color management markets. We will talk about innovation from the software till the final print. The result more digitalization and the digital production. Will the numbers rise because of the innovations, join us in the panel discussion.

Moderator: Mike Horsten, Managing Director, Zemt Consultancy


TBC, Mimaki, Speaker

TBC, HP, Speaker

Encarn Luca, Roland,

Hans Peter, Ergosoft

Mike Horsten, Manning Director - ZEMT Consultancy
Encarna Luque, Business development - Roland DG
Hans Pete Tobler - Roland DG