Panel: Customisation

24 Mar 2020

In this round table panel, we will discuss the possibilities of the workflow, production enhancements and how to do Sportswear customizations in general. We will look at the whole workflow, print, rip, cut and the organizational side of the workflow. The experts from Roland, Summa, Gemini Cad and Caldera RIP's will explain where the bumps are and how to overcome the issues. From one to many Moderator:

Mike Horsten, Managing Director, Zemt Consultancy

Panelists; Speaker TBC Roland,

Traian Luca, Gemini CAD Systems,

Wim Maes, Summa, Sebastien Hanssens, Caldera

Mike Horsten, Manning Director - ZEMT Consultancy
Train Luca - Gemini CAD
Wim Maes