Kevin Van Lackner

Kevin Van Lackner

Director, Sportswear of Tomorrow Ltd

Kevin ran his first business at the age of 18, which was an online sportswear store, selling inline skates from an Australian brand. As a member of the Belgian national skating team, it was easy to sell the products he was using myself as a pro athlete.  Seeing the hassle the teams had to source clothing from brands, Kevin thought there would be a great opportunity for a new brand to start in the skating market who did it all right. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite difficult to find a good quality product supplier that could deliver within reasonable timeframes. After experiencing years of trouble, risking his own image by not being able to attain deliveries, Kevin moved to Latvia from Belgium to do it by himself. His background in IT, together with sports industry experience, has made Kevin a trusted supplier to many top brands in the world, active in different sectors. Sportswear of Tomorrow Ltd does mass customisation with single piece production, taking away all the stress from the brands in the middle.


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