Updated: 6 July 2020

Your Health & Wellbeing

Following on from our recent venue and date changes I am sure you have many questions.

As you can imagine Sportswear Pro is going to be different in 2021. We are speaking to other global event organisers and our trade bodies, like the Association of Exhibition Organisers (AEO), to understand how the industry is adjusting to the new normal and dealing with COVID-19.

We are also working very closely with the RAI in Amsterdam to ensure that we at FESPA provide a safe, secure and successful event for all involved.

Health and safety will be of paramount importance to us all throughout the event.

We will introduce several key safety features to ensure that you can still see the technology that Sportswear Pro is famous for, but also give you additional peace of mind.

We will update this section on a regular basis, particularly as we get closer to the show - so please bookmark this page and come back in the future for further developments.

FESPA - Health & Wellbeing FAQ

If you have any specific questions that are not answered below, please email operations@fespa.com or use our contact us page.

How many attendees will the event expect?

Normally at our events we would say the ‘more the merrier.’ However, we are currently in conversations with the venue to discuss what limitations will need to be in place. Further details will be available as soon as we have them.

Will there be any additional cleaning taking place?

An extra-rigorous cleaning plan , integrated with specific COVID-19 hygiene measures, will be put in place. Hand sanitisers will be available across the show.

What about the show entrance and the exhibition show floor, how will that change?

Sportswear Pro will have wider aisles and floor markings in places where queues may form. We will have increased numbers of registration points. Extra crowd control monitoring will be managed by hostesses and safety staff.

How will the venue manage transport?

Detailed crowd management and traffic management protocols will be in place to ensure attendees arrive and leave the show safely.

Will food and drink be served?

Food and beverages will be available. Counters are fitted with transparent screens, food is portion-packed, and drinks delivered in disposable units.

What will change with the toilet facilities and general hygiene?

All the entrances and various delegate meeting points have regularly refilled hand sanitising machines. All contact points like door handles, desks etc. are disinfected regularly. Toilets will be cleaned in a higher frequency on top of the regular schedule.

How will networking happen?

The venue is fitted with various fixed outlets for meetings or to enjoy food and beverages. All these areas are laid out in such a way that social distancing can be followed both at the counter and in the areas where food and beverage is consumed.