15 Jan 2020

Introducing Pattern Room

Pattern Room Sales Pty Ltd Hall: 3 Stand: 3-C128

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the team at Pattern Room have built a catalogue of more than 100,000 clothing patterns (and counting) focussed on sportwear.

Recongising the struggles that Sportswear manufacturers face wtih the inconsistencies in fit of patterns in their pattern libraries, as well as noting the gaps that exist was the impetus to find the solution.

The extensive catalogue of patterns that Pattern Room has developed and made available in digital formats, specifically for Sportswear manufacturers, is designed to allow our customers to access patterns that are fitted for the western body shape in 48 hours, radically changing the way industry patterns are obtained. 

This presents an exciting opportunity to replace patterns that don't work, fill gaps in your pattern library and even expand your library to provide new offerings to your clients with garments that simply fit.

Here at Pattern Room, we want to see our customers get patterns that simply work and save money on them at the same time.

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