Caron Technology Srl Hall: 3 Stand: 3-D105

Vegas is the unwinder mainly designed for the world of fabric, it can be used in many sectors, from apparel to upholstery, until to the digital printing. In the last case it can aligns the material at the entrance of the printer itself or it can rewinds the fabric after it’s printed, but it can be used in many other areas thanks to its potential to act both as an unwinder and rewinder.

The new unwinder Vegas is compact and with a modern design, is a versatile product, it may easily be used by the operator, it’s characterized by two motorized rollers which, by turning, rewind or unwind the material. The speed of the unwinder is regulated by a dancer roller, which by rising, also facilitates the operation of inserting the material. Vegas is an essential element that can modify and improve the activity of the cutting room, changing it in a faster and more immediate way, though minimal investment.

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