Caron Technology at Sportswear Pro 2020

Caron Technology Srl Hall: 3 Stand: 3-D105
Caron Technology at Sportswear Pro 2020

Caron Technology will be present at the new edition of Sportswear Pro 2020, in Madrid during Europe’s largest and best known speciality print exhibition, FESPA Global Print Expo 2020.

Caron Technology is an Italian company that from more 35 years designs and produces innovative solutions for the spreading and cutting of flexible materials. Proud of the origins in the garment market over the years it has made its knowhow available to customers in the furniture and technical textile markets. The products of Caron Technology represent the Italian excellence in every feature, from design to quality, that’s why it can be now considered an important international business partner. Is specialized in providing automatic spreaders, feeder, unwinding and loaders, nowadays all the products are designed in 4.0 with user friendly software and available for doing assistance with remote control.

During the Sportswear Pro 2020, Caron Technology will present its solution for the world of single ply production: Feeder and unwinding are the best products for who is looking for a precise but faster way of production, they guarantee automated digital workflows and a continuous cycle of information essentials for any company which needs to do an accurate analysis of the production process, to improve the times and costs of the activity, with a view to sustainable production.

The visitors can see the new creations of Caron Technology: one of the most important product, the cradle York, for the first time in 4.0, the perfect union of knowhow and technology; and others solutions as the unwinders Vegas and Seattle, especially designed for digital and technical textile market. They are suitable for unwinding the various materials, they eliminate any tension and maintain perfect alignment, preparing the fabric for any single-ply machine.

York 4.0 is the natural development of the one of the best products of the company, the single ply feeder York. Is a versatile machine, it guarantees flexibility on materials to spread and on material’s weights. The feeder’s contemporaneity is easily recognized on the innovative design and also on technology presents on the feeder

The unwinder Vegas is mainly designed for the world of fabric, it can be used in many sectors, from apparel to upholstery, until to the digital printing. It can be used in many other areas thanks to its potential to act both as an unwinder and rewinder.

Seattle is the unwinder dedicated to PVC and heavy and large rolls that are very hard to work with a cradle, it can works with every automatic cutter and the unwinding speed of the fabric is moderated by the tension of the material perceived by a dancer bar.

Caron has always decided to invest in research and development by generating new products in which technology is completely at the service of functionality and customer needs.

Caron Technology is an important partner for any company, regardless of the type of production, it creates personalized solutions in order to face every need of the customer, both on mechanical and design features, in this way every product is unique because is made to measure.

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