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27 Feb 2024

How the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY is Revolutionising the Polyester Printing Industry

How the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY is Revolutionising the Polyester Printing Industry

Kornit Digital shares the benefits of the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY, a digital one-step printing solution designed for dark polyester eliminating the need for pretreatment. The solution reduces time, labour and material costs.

Ease Out the Innovation: Unleashing Transformation with Kornit Atlas MAX POLY

In the rapidly evolving world of digital printing, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY stands out as a game-changer. This cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the polyester printing industry by delivering high-quality prints with unmatched efficiency and versatility.

The Kornit Atlas MAX POLY is the only digital one-step printing solution for dark polyester, eliminating the need for pretreatment and putting it ahead of other technologies in the market. This innovative feature not only saves time but also reduces labor and material costs, offering businesses a significant competitive advantage.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Designed with versatility in mind, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY can handle a wide array of fabric types including polyester, cotton, polyester-cotton blends, tri-blends and more. Whether it's mesh, brushed, or smooth surfaces, this robust machine handles them all with ease. It caters to various market segments such as swimwear, team uniforms, and merchandise, opening up new markets that were previously inaccessible.

With the ability to print up to 90 garments per hour with only one operator, in a single shift pattern, the Atlas MAX POLY can produce over 150,000 garments per year. This high-volume production, coupled with its streamlined one-step printing process, delivers considerable cost savings. In contrast, other technologies like sublimation and screen-printing entail substantial labor and material costs, making them less suitable for short runs at mass scale.

Unrivaled Print Quality

When it comes to print quality, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY is unrivaled. It delivers durable prints that withstand wash cycles and extensive use, offering a soft and lightweight hand-feel that blends seamlessly with the fabric. The technology minimizes dye migration without the need for blockers or pretreatment, resulting in vivid and colorful prints with improved Pantone matching. With a color gamut 50% wider than standard CMYK printing, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY can reproduce the most challenging semi-gradient images on dark garments with unprecedented accuracy.

Unlocking New Business Opportunities

The Kornit Atlas MAX POLY unlocks new business opportunities by enabling customization of name and number designs, catering to the sports industry. It also offers premium 3D applications, such as vinyl emulation, high-density printing, and threadless embroidery. These innovative applications not only expand the customer base but also boost profit margins, providing businesses with a competitive edge.

‘Due to the versatility of the system & the increase in diversity of the type of garments we can print on, we recently added an Atlas MAX POLY to the fleet. Customers are always amazed by the breadth & quality of the decorations that we can offer with this system. We’re seeing a lot of interest in the 3D XDi technology which brings texture & effects to garments previously not possible. Imagine feeling the scales of a snake or the texture of water droplets on a garment; the possibilities are endless’.  – Akil Thathia. Director, Snuggle.

Sustainable Advantage

Beyond its superior features and benefits, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY is a highly sustainable solution. It is efficient in terms of water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, meeting the highest environmental standards. Certified by GOTS and ECO Passport, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY proves that high-quality printing can be achieved without compromising sustainability.

The Kornit Atlas MAX POLY is more than just a digital printing solution, it's truly revolutionizing the polyester printing industry. Its one-step printing process, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality prints provide businesses with a competitive edge. As the demand for polyester decorations continues to grow, the Kornit Atlas MAX POLY emerges as the ideal solution to meet industry needs and exceed customer expectations, promising to take polyester production to the big league.

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